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Serhal & Serhal Company was established in December of 2005. It's mother company, Sasco was established in 1997. Sasco first started as a small construction hardware store in a small village called Daraya in the Shouff area of Lebanon. In 1997 Sasco started importing some hardware from Europe and in 1998 Mohamad Serhal, the CEO of Sasco met with Den Braven Sealants of Holland and signed a distribution contract exclusively in Lebanon.


Business grew year after year and we became Lebanon’s market leaders in the sealant business. Sasco was active in retail and wholesale, but to grow efficiently we had to separate wholesale from retail which took place in December 2005. That led to Serhal and Serhal Co. to be born.


Since then, Serhal & Serhal has been marketing and selling mainly Den Braven products throughout the country and became the strongest in the Aluminum and Glass industry. Along the way new products were added to the company's portfolio while maintaining a high level of quality our customers expected.


A complete variety of Alum door locks under the Magic Lock brand was added and now the name is one of the most respected in the industry and since 2006 has been growing. In 2012, Serhal and Serhal Co. started a partnership with Kedao, known by its door closers and stainless steel patch fittings.


Product that are marketed with a 5-year quality guarantee like no other in the market.


Last but not least, in February 2017, CFS a faster company from U.K. was added to the portfolio. It is very well respected with its chemical mortars and mechanical fixations with all the necessary ETA approvals. Along with CFS, a major player in the cutting tools market from Austria was also added to the portfolio, Tyrolit. It is owned and founded by Schworofski. It is one of the most reputable companies in the world selling their products all over the world, Last but most importantly, Den Braven Sealants has been fully acquired by Arkema, a VC with several investments including Bostik. Given that Bostik is a major part of their umbrella, it will be a major part of ours as well.


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